At Discover everything we do is with a focus on providing a brilliant service for our clients and candidates

Our innovative Talent and Consulting solutions mean we deliver faster at every stage and every challenge of the hiring process; our Product offering brings together an extensive global and local network, specialist skills, strategic guidance, and dedicated experts working together as a team.

We nurture long-term partnerships with our candidates, our clients and our stakeholders, who continually recommend us to their colleagues and peers. When our contacts move to a new company, they consistently and pro-actively reach out to us to support them to find talent in their new organisation. This organic client acquisition is testament to all that we stand for at Discover, and we are extremely proud that more than 90% of our clients are repeat customers.

Part of our success is down to a unique mind-set

A core value at Discover is treating others as you wish to be treated. We instil an attitude whereby every team member considers a client’s budget and a candidate’s career in the same way that they would their own; this is something we talk about from the first interview with a potential new hire, to their first day in the team, and continues throughout their career with us – thus becoming a natural mind-set and culture of everyone in the company. This is a unique philosophy not found at our competitors and sets Discover apart, meaning our customers experience a personal, diligent, and professional service, with a tremendous level of personal and collective accountability.

Teams of Experts

We are dedicated teams of experts who focus on a specific niche. Each team is greater than the sum of its parts, sharing market expertise and intelligence, and crucially, a volume of highly relevant candidates. The benefit for our clients is that we consistently find better candidates faster than our competition.

We are glad to be different

Different both in the way we do business, and in the difference we make to our valued partners. For example, it is very common for recruitment companies to target, prioritize and incentivise their people on the sheer volume of inputs they generate, for example how many CV’s they send to a job, or how many prospects they call in a given hour. This system may promote hard work, but it gives little consideration to quality, and as a result it is the customer who suffers. At Discover everything we do is about premium service and delivery for our customers, our team are focused on solutions and their quality of outputs, not prioritising the volume of their inputs.

Culturally, working with the best is important to us

Ingrained in all our people is the expectation that we never settle for second best internally, because we are a team worth more in total than the individual. This ensures high standards, shared accountability, and excellent results for our Life Science partners.

This value is just as strong externally. We are selective about who we collaborate with and take a position to represent the best candidates, and to partner with organisations, who are respected employers, at the forefront of the industry, with admirable reputations.

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