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Teams of Experts

When you work with Discover you are not working with just one expert recruiter. You have a dedicated and specialist team of experts behind them who all focus on a specific niche. Each team is greater than the sum of its parts, sharing market expertise and intelligence, and crucially, a volume of highly relevant candidates. This is part of the reason why we continually hear from our clients that we find better candidates faster than our competition.

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Market Expert

Expert specialist recruiter assigned to your searches


Supported by a wider team of specialist recruiters briefed on your position(s)

Cutting Edge Technology & AI

Industry leading research powered by cutting edge recruitment technology

Extensive, expert head-hunting

Active and passive candidates identified

With Discover Deliver you work with an expert team, with an excellent reputation, who you can count on to deliver. To find out more about these and other features click for a brochure.

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