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At Discover it's extremely important to us to give back to the communities that we live and work in, which is why we are proud to launch Discover Community – our charity support initiative where we pledge to deliver volunteer work, sponsorship, donations and support to chosen charities across our hubs in London, Miami and Krakow.

Read more below about the life-changing foundations that Discover are proud and humbled to partner with across our global community:

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Our Community Partners

A cause extremely close to our hearts and directly affecting one of our founder's family, DBA UK is a life-changing charity providing invaluable support, research, reassurance and hope to families affected by the life-threatening rare disease, Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). DBA is a rare bone marrow failure disorder, usually diagnosed before 12 months of age, where patients fail to produce red blood cells properly and may need treatment ranging from monthly blood transfusions to regular steroid treatment, and in some cases bone marrow transplant. The condition is very rare with only around 125 cases in the UK, meaning patients and carers can be left feeling isolated in terms of struggling to gain access to the right care, information and emotional support they need from others in the same situation.

DBA UK's extraordinary work delivers not just leading research projects on this incredibly rare and debilitating illness - it brings together families as a community to share their experiences, communicate the latest medical information and raise funds to support those with DBA in the UK, through family conferences for parents, carers, medical professionals and specialists to provide mutual support and vital understanding on improving quality of life, medication and quality of care.

We love the ethos of ‘why give someone a hand out when you can give them a hand up’ - a key value for this fantastic charity that provides more than food and drink, but also companionship, change and empowerment to people in need around London. Compliments of the House collects surplus food from cafes, supermarkets and restaurants and distributes meals through their centres to nourish those in need. Through these food hubs they forge relationships and communities where they get to know what people need beyond food - be it work placements, debt management support, or mental health support, and then work with those in need to make it happen and make a change. Compliments of the House are also providing vital care during the Covid-19 crisis, working with social services and local authorities to help provide necessary nourishment and support to vulnerable groups around the city by taking their hubs to the road as an important delivery service.

Our team were first introduced to this incredible foundation at a charity soccer game for a brilliant young boy battling cancer, and were touched by the critical work that Live Like Bella do to offer emotional and financial support to families affected by childhood cancer, after the founders sadly experienced it as a family themselves first hand when they lost their daughter Bella.

Live Like Bella was founded in 2013 with a touching legacy - to help children in South Florida with cancer maintain the same love for life that Bella had. This charity provides essential awareness and funding for research at leading South Florida universities and health centers, legislation and advocacy drives, as well as important in-treatment and memorial support to families in need.

With a homelessness crisis in Florida, we are all too aware of the importance of safe, supportive shelters in a community. Lotus House is one such special charity providing life-saving supportive shelter, with a mission to not just feed and home, but improve the lives of women, youth and children experiencing homelessness - providing sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to improve the quality of their lives on every level, achieve greater self-sufficiency, and build safe, secure lives to pull out of homelessness.

Over the past 15 years of its vital work, Lotus House has cared for thousands of women and children - most of whom are persons of color lacking meaningful access to safe affordable housing, nutrition, child care, education, health care, economic opportunity, and social and economic justice.


MATIO Foundation for Help for Families and People with Cystic Fibrosis

A breakthrough medication for the treatment of people suffering from cystic fibrosis – this was the effect of work of one of the first consultants that our Krakow office started cooperation with. It only made sense to honor this success through support of the foundation which is closely linked to this milestone.

The MATIO Foundation has been operating in Krakow for 25 years, helping people with cystic fibrosis and their families with unwavering commitment. The foundations has over 1,800 people in Poland under its care, providing them with reimbursement of treatment costs, purchase of rehabilitation equipment, as well as coverage of social expenses and offering psychological help for the families affected by cystic fibrosis.

Every year, MATIO carries out 4 large aid projects and thanks to cooperation with donors, it can help those under its care in the fight against this chronic disease.

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